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Teenager's Guide to the Real World

The Teenager's Guide to the Real World is getting rave reviews across the country! This groundbreaking book by Marshall Brain is a great guide for teens who want to take control of their lives, understand the adult world and launch themselves into success at school, at home, in the workplace and in their interpersonal relationships. The online site for the book includes an amazing description, table of contents and the complete text of 20 of the chapters from the book. It also includes a wide variety of free online resources to supplement the book, including topics such as colleges, careers, studying resources, summer jobs, job skills, web page creation, teen organizations, smoking and much, much more.

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How to make a million dollars

The Finance Center

Visit Pink Fern

Visit Pink Fern

Understanding and Controlling Your Finances introduces you to the "world of personal finance." It helps you to sort out your financial options and shows you how to manage your financial resources more effectively.

Careful Parents helps parents understand how to keep their kids safe in today's high-tech world! For example, the site covers unexpected toxins that your child can easily get into around your home -- Tylenol, honey and antifreeze can all be deadly in amazingly small doses. The site also covers a variety of physical hazards -- everything from dog and alligator bites to balloons and scalding water. If you are a parent, or if you are taking care of a friend's kids for the afternoon, Careful Parents is a MUST READ site!

Emphasis on Teaching
Empahsis on Teaching discusses the qualities of good teachers and good teaching.

How Stuff Works logo
How Stuff Works explains how things work in the world around you. If you have ever wondered how your car's engine works or what makes a refrigerator cold, then this site's for you!

Bluebird house plans
The Bluebird House Site describes how to create a bluebird house kit that is easy to produce and costs very little. You can use the kits as a youth project, or you can assemble them yourself and put them around your property if you are interested in attracting bluebirds.

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