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What People Are Saying about "The Teenager's Guide to the Real World"!

People everywhere are talking about The Teenager's Guide!

  • The Teenager's Guide has been selected for the New York Public Library's prestigious 1999 Books for the Teen Age list.

  • Please Click Here for an in-depth online review of The Teenager's Guide to the Real World from Kids Campaigns, an information/action center for people who want to act on behalf of kids.

  • Please Click Here for a review of The Teenager's Guide to the Real World from the Mining Company.

  • Please Click Here for an in-depth review of The Teenager's Guide to the Real World by teenager Jeff Newcamp from the Time Publishing Company.

  • Please Click Here for an in-depth review of The Teenager's Guide to the Real World from the Buffalo Sun.

  • Please Click Here for an in-depth review of The Teenager's Guide to the Real World from KLIATT, November 1997, newsletter for librarians and teachers.

  • 1998 Nurturing Magazine Book Pick. Book picks are chosen by Nurtuting Magazine for their usefulness, uniqueness, strong focus, consistency, and outstanding contributions in the area of natural family living and parenting. Nuturing Magazine says, "A common sense, straight-talking book written for teens struggling with peer pressure, wanting to leave home, drugs, premarital sex and other adult issues. An idealistic book promoting the same old-fashioned morals and wisdom that every child would hear from his parents if he was willing to listen...sometimes hearing it from someone else makes the difference."

What Adults Are Saying...
    "This is a must purchase for all libraries."

    "One of the resources available for the kids on my TEAM is "The Teenager's Guide to the Real World"† It is a valuable book that addresses some very important issues the TEAM can apply for living today; peers, respect responsibility, money, laws and love. The guide also provides insight for future choices to be made, whether it be; when to have sex, education, business oportunities, or buying a home. It's a powerful book packed with information providing necessary tools in becoming a respectable person supporting a civil human race.† The "Guide to the Real World", was definitely written for today's teenagers, so they may work together towards a better tomorrow."

    "Provides honest and practical information about the facts of life... I propose that parents and teachers read the book to plan more successfully their own attempts to teach teenagers"

    "I only wish I would have had these resources six years ago, when I was a confused teen who thought that she knew it all!"

    "With budget matters and bill signing consuming much of my time, it is not often that I have the opportunity to sit down with such an engaging read. However, this book has certainly found a place at the top of my reading list, and I look forward to learning about your views on how teenagers can become successful members of society."

    "It will give teens a head start on the rest of their lives."

      Jim Van Slyke, News Editor, Soundings Newsweekly

    "...Once teenagers know and truly understand the answers to questions like these - along with hundreds of others - they are able to see how the world works and plan a path toward success."

      Houston Tribune, February 1998

    "Should be mandatory reading for all teens."

      Walter H., Va.

    "I find myself wishing I would have discovered this book under the Christmas tree when I was about fourteen."

      Lee K, Pa.

    "This is great resource in teaching parenthood unit in middle school reproductive health"

      Brenda R., S.C., teacher

    "I'm so very happy to find such an incredible resource"

      Susan H., parent

What Teenagers Are Saying...
    "I set out to determine if the book can, in fact, assist in the teen transition. As a high school sophomore, I admit that I was skeptical of this book. However, a quick glance at the table of contents satisfied my yearning for all I ever wanted to know about adult life. I can now easily say the description was indeed legitimate."

    "...only 90 pages into it my view towards adults and what they do has changed. Great job."


    "I love it! Itís a wealth of very uselful information, and fun to read too."

      Jennifer F.

    "Thank you for taking the time to write a book that actually shows the way life really is... it hasnít left my list of Ďbest books to readí since I got it."

      Elliot L.

    "I found some things to work on to help me become a better and more successful person! Thanks."

      Melissa M.

    "I love your book! It helped me understand smoking better!"

      Bob G.

    "My friends and I love your is tied with two others for being one of my favorite books."

      Heidi M.

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